Decoding the Road: STAS and CTRL Engineering's Real-time Approach to Grasp Trailer Load Dynamics


Belgian trailer manufacturer STAS collaborates with CTRL Engineering to enhance their understanding of trailer performance on the road. The joint effort focuses on developing and integrating a real-time platform to monitor operational loads on the trailer chassis. This initiative aims to refine designs, improve simulation capability, mitigate field issues, and ultimately enhance the efficiency of trucks.


STAS, a prominent Belgian trailer manufacturer, is on a mission to revolutionize their designs by exploring new materials and lightweight structures. The goal is to optimize truck range and overall efficiency. However, they face a challenge – the occasional occurrence of cracked welds in the ladder chassis. In a strategic move towards innovation, STAS has invested in the development of simulation methods to evaluate alternative options and validate under load before these new trailer designs before they hit the road. But understanding the operational conditions on the road becomes crucial in a simulation driven approach, prompting STAS to seek innovative solutions


In a powerful collaboration, STAS joins forces with CTRL Engineering, a leader in automotive testing and simulation processes. Together, they formulate a forward-thinking solution – a real-time monitoring platform integrated on multiple trailers and engineered to track the strain on various chassis locations. These measurements are enriched with additional insights from load cells mounted on lifting cylinders, CAN bus data monitoring the braking systems among others, and visual and localization context through cameras and GPS.


The partnership between STAS and CTRL Engineering marks a transformative chapter in trailer innovation. The implementation of the real-time monitoring platform provides STAS with a realistic understanding of the forces impacting their trailers. This comprehensive data not only refines the creation of accurate load cases for simulation models but also enables the replay of scenarios leading to chassis cracks. The result is a strategic redesign of critical elements, moving beyond conventional plate welding approaches. This dynamic collaboration propels STAS into a new era of trailer design, where innovation is driven by real-world operational insights, elevating the durability and performance of STAS truck trailers to unprecedented heights.